Relationship 2.0

Because it didn't take long till I realised that I have feelings for a girl. She kinda helped me to get over with. To work it out the break up. And in March this year we met for the first time. And it was amazing. We had such a good time. And yes, we also kissed for the first time. But...I didn't had any butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous, yes. But mostly because I'm pretty shy when I meet someone for the first time. I ignored the non-butterflies in my stomach and told myself that she's good for me. And my life. And for my mental health. And at first she was! Indeed. Until we had our first "serious" fight. At that moment I felt like a little child. Of course I'm not. But she was thinking that she had to teach me a lesson. To educate me. And I kinda hated her for the first time. We cleared everything. But I still felt odd. And still no butterflies. Even though we hold hands and kissed and stuff..
21.9.15 22:18

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