The beginning.

So...where do I actually start?! Maybe when I felt for someone the first time? I mean falling so really hard for someone. It started 2013 during my education for becoming a health care worker. I started to be an athletic judge in my freetime. You know those idiots who do all the work. So I met new people. And two of them were the sons of our coordinator. They were nice and everything. After 2 competitions I added them on Facebook. And I started to talk to the older one. Oh, he was so sweet and kind and funny at this time. I really enjoyed talking to a guy. It was good. Really good. We had daily conversation. And sometimes I really thought he's flirting with me. But at the end I came to the conclusion that I obviously just imagined the flirting things. Because I came closer with his younger brother. We were like best friends. He told me everything and vice versa. And he was really cute. Not just an imagination. He complimented me and all that stuff. I helped him with school stuff. And in between something was changing. Because he more often asked if his age is the only reason for me not to be with him..
2.6.15 16:54

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